Compact Acrylic Makeup Organizer Purple

Compact Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Compact Acrylic Makeup Organizer Overview

We all love buying blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, but when it comes to storing these compacts, it can be a pain. This byAlegory compact acrylic makeup organizer stores up to 8 compacts to help you get organized and save space!Compact Acrylic Makeup Organizer Pink This compact acrylic makeup organizer is chic but also totally functional. It works great for storing lip products as well! This organize is a great size as well–it’s tray design makes it able to fit in most drawers so it’s easy to store. It’s available in solid black, solid white, transparent black, transparent pink, and transparent purple so it will fit in with any decor. Measuring 8.6 inches by 3.5 inches by 2 inches with an inside compartment width of 2.95 inches by .90 inches, it fits most popular compacts like Sephora, Clinique powders, the Balm bronzers, Too Faced, e.l.f, MUFE, and Nars. The MAC pressed powder compacts and mineralized skin finishes fit in the organizer but do not sit completely on the bottom. Because it’s made of a thick, high quality acrylic, it holds up to everyday wear. The acrylic is crystal clear as well–not yellowed or cloudy! It will look super elegant displayed on your bathroom counter or vanity. Our favorite blushes, bronzers, and highlighters are expensive so never misplace another compact again with this compact acrylic makeup organizer!

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