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Acrylic Makeup Drawers

Acrylic Makeup Drawers Overview

Acrylic Makeup Drawers BlueThese acrylic makeup drawers are the perfect solution to storing your makeup collection. The three roomy drawers allow you to store not only smaller items such as eye liners and lipsticks but larger items as well, like compacts and brushes. They definitely are roomier on the inside than they look! One customer talked about how she was able to fit 28 MAC lipsticks in just one drawer and was able to use the other two drawers for compacts.

Made of a sturdy plastic, these high quality, acrylic makeup drawers will help to keep you organized and make finding your makeup products so much easier! Their sturdy design will stand up to everyday wear and tear. And because of their cube design, you can even stack them for more storage! Someone with a very large makeup collection may want to purchase 3 or 4 or these drawers to adequately store all of their products. Their compact design also makes it convenient to transport from the bathroom to your vanity if you need to get ready in another room.Clear Acrylic Makeup Drawers

With their transparent design and chrome knobs, these acrylic makeup drawers not only keep you organized but also shows off your awesome makeup collection! Because they are clear, you can easily see where all of your products are and don’t have to go digging through drawers! They are also a great solution for storing hair or nail accessories, skincare products, or even crafting supplies.

Available in four different colors– Aqua, Berry, Violet, and Clear

Comes in a set of three drawers.

Measures 6.5” x 6.5” x 7”

Key Features of these Acrylic Makeup Drawersacrylic makeup drawers purple

  • Clear acrylic makeup drawers makes it easy to see your products
  • Comes with three drawers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Drawers are stackable allowing you to expand
  • Chrome knobs
  • Available in purple, pink, blue, or clear to fit in with any decor
  • Great for storing makeup, hair accessories, jewelry, or crafting supplies


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