Clear Makeup Organizer

Clear Makeup Organizer

Clear Makeup Organizer Overview

Clear Makeup OrganizerBecause clear makeup organizers have become so popular in the last several years, tons of different styles and brands are available and while it’s great that consumers have options into what clear makeup organizer they want, it can be confusing to search through all of the different styles–large, small, drawers, no drawers, lid, no lid… Couple that with the fact that some are downright terrible in quality!

One clear makeup organizer that stands out is the Whitmor 5 Tier Clear Makeup Organizer. While it’s not the cheapest organizer out there, ┬áit’s definitely not the most expensive either. Some makeup organizers can run you over $400! For just under $100 you can finally organize your makeup and have it look super chic and elegant as well!

Customers absolutely love that it’s made of a super clear acrylic which gives it a glass-like appearance–no ugly, yellow tinge! The acrylic is also thick which gives it a high quality look and feel. The drawers easily glide in and out without getting stuck or coming off the track.Clear Makeup Organizer

This clear makeup organizer has five different compartments, 4 of which are drawers. The top section and bottom section are extra large allowing you to store larger items like palettes, foundations, brushes, lotions, or hair products. The top has a lid that flips 180 degrees but you can also leave the top down for easy access or if you are storing tall items.

Key Features of this Clear Makeup Organizer

  • Made of thick, crystal-clear acrylic
  • Can easily be stored on your vanity or countertop
  • Large drawers and extra-large top and bottom compartments allow you to store even your biggest makeup product
  • Super smooth sliding drawers
  • Measures 12” tall, by 12” wide, by 9.5” deep