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Eyeshadow Organizer

Eyeshadow Organizer Overview

There are thousands of different eyeshadow colors out there and chances are, if you love makeup, you have a bunch of different colors. Changing your eyeshadow is one of the main ways you can completely change your makeup look. Start with a neutral eye for work and then turn it into a smokey eye for the night. You probably have neutral and bright colors, shimmery and matte shades, high-end and drugstore…But where do you put them all?

This eyeshadow organizer from byAlegory is made of a super high quality acrylic. It has a great weight to it and isn’t flimsy like some other acrylic makeup organizers out there. byAlegory focuses on the design of their products to ensure that not only are they stylish but also functional and durable as well.Eyeshadow Organizer Purple

The design of this eyeshadow organizer allows you to place it on your countertop or vanity and because of the way the eyeshadows are angled when you place them in the organizer, you can easily see all of your colors and not have to dig through drawers to find that perfect shade. It holds 16 eyeshadows and is compact enough that if you need more than one to store your entire eyeshadow collection, it’s not going to take up a ton of counter space.

This eyeshadow organizer is available in clear black, solid black, clear, clear pink, clear purple, and solid white so everyone is sure to find a color that they love.

Key Features of the Eyeshadow Organizer

  • Made of a very high-quality acrylic
  • Holds 16 eyeshadows
  • Compact design won’t take up a ton of counter or vanity space
  • Tray design will allow it to fit in a drawer


Eyeshadow Organizer Black