Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

When your jewelry isn’t organized it can make finding the perfect piece nearly impossible! Half the time we forget what jewelry we already own! Not any more with this 5-star rated hanging jewelry organizer. It is available in three colors–bronze, white, and black. The gorgeous, unique bronze color looks luxurious while the white or black color will look super chic and fit in with any decor.  It will bring a touch of elegance where ever you decide to display it. The great thing about this product is that you can hang it multiple ways. You can hang it on your bedroom wall, inside a closet, or even over the door for easy access. This product comes with two door mounts and two wall mounts so it’s super easy to install.Bronzer Hanging Jewelry Organizer

With costume jewelry being so inexpensive nowadays, many people have tons of items that allows them to change up their style everyday. The problem is, where do you store it all? With 38 hooks that can hold 300 pieces, this hanging jewelry organizer has plenty or room for all of your bracelets, earrings, watches, rings, and necklaces!

Made of a super high quality powder coated steel, this hanging jewelry organizer will be with you for years to come. It’s extremely sturdy which allows it to easily hold up to the weight of all of your jewelry.

Key Features of this Hanging Jewelry Organizer

  • Has 38 hooks that can hold 300 pieces of jewelry
  • Beautifully display all of your jewelry so that you can get the full use out of them
  • Heavy duty contruction–Made of powder coated steel
  • Can hang on a wall or over-the-door
  • Easy to install–door and wall mounts are included
  • Available in bronze, white, or black
  • Hanging Jewelry Organizer WhiteHanging Jewelry Organizer Black


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