Cosmetic Organizer Mat Green

Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Organizer Mat BlueWe’ve all had those moments when we’re searching through our makeup bags looking for a certain product and end up dumping the bag out which not only makes a mess, but is unsanitary. If you’ve ever had this problem, check out this super cool cosmetic bag that converts into both a mat and clutch.

Open the bag to transform it into a 20” diameter mat that allows you to quickly find the product that you’re looking for while at the same time keeping your makeup on a clean, dry surface. A “lip” around the mat prevents your makeup from rolling off the counter. When you’reCosmetic Organizer Mat Snakeskin done, simply pull on the drawstring and it converts into a clutch! The bag also has a 5” x 7” inside zippered pocket that provides extra storage.

Made of a high quality nylon, this bag is water repellent and washable for easy clean up. Perfect for travel, the beach, or just at home, this cosmetic bag is truly unique!

Available in black, gold, hot pink, lime green, blue, silver, snakeskin, or a zig zag pattern.


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