Makeup Brush Organizer

Makeup Brush Organizer

Makeup Brush Organizer Overview

Makeup Brush OrganizerWe all know that the right makeup brushes can make or break a look. So we buy makeup brushes for eyeshadow, face powder, eyeliner, lipstick, brows, you name it, there’s a makeup brush designed for it! There are tons of makeup brushes out there for eyeshadow application alone! What’s the end result? A whole lot of makeup brushes and no where to store them. A traditional makeup organizer is great for storing makeup products but a makeup brush organizer is specifically designed to hold your makeup brushes which keeps them upright preventing damage to the bristles and keeping the bristles clean as well.

This makeup brush organizer by CISI&SISI is made of a high quality clear acrylic that is extremely durable so it will last for years to come and will be able to stand up to daily wear. It also has a really cool, unique design. Its wavy shape allows it to not only look elegant but also provides three different compartments for organizing your brushes by either size or purpose. There are two smaller sections in the front and a larger section in the back which is perfect for organizing your large face brushes. The back section is also ideal for your taller brushes as the sides are tall enough so they won’t tip over!Makeup Brush Organizer

It’s small enough to be compact on your countertop but don’t let it’s size fool you! It can definitely hold a ton of makeup brushes! This makeup brush organizer will look perfect on either your bathroom counter, vanity, or dresser.

Measures 5”L x 3.87”W x 4.87”H

Key Features of this Makeup Brush Organizer

  • Made of high quality, clear acrylic
  • Unique wavy design
  • 3 sections for organizing and separating your brushes
  • Tall sides so your brushes won’t tip over