Acrylic Makeup Caddy

SOHO Clear Acrylic Makeup Caddy

Acrylic Makeup CaddyA bathroom caddy is a great accessory to have because it not only keeps all of your products organized but it allows you to easily transport your items as well. This acrylic makeup caddy organizer from SOHO does just that! Its chic, clear acrylic design is not only stylish but is also extremely sturdy and easy to clean. The caddy has 6 different compartments that work great for organizing your makeup brushes, lip glosses, lipsticks, nail polish, and hair accessories. The attached handle makes it super easy to move your products from room to room which is helpful if you like to store your makeup items in your bathroom but like to apply them at your vanity table.

This acrylic makeup caddy measures 7.5” x 10” x 4” so it had plenty of room for your everyday items but doesn’t take up too much counter space. Or, if you don’t want to take up any counter space, because it is compact in design, you can also store under your sink or in a drawer keeping your countertops neat and tidy.Acrylic Makeup Caddy

An acrylic makeup caddy makes a great gift for college students because it allows them to transport their items from the bathroom back to their dorm room ensuring sure everything stays organized and