Spinning Makeup Organizer

Spinning Makeup Organizer Carousel

Spinning Makeup Organizer Carousel Overview

Spinning Makeup Organizer CarouselThis spinning makeup organizer carousel from Nifty Home Products holds all of your makeup and beauty products and spins to allow for easy access. The lazy susan base allows it to rotate 360 degrees so your favorite products are always at your fingertips!

This sturdy spinning makeup organizer holds a ton of products but takes up very little of your countertop due to its unique design. The compartments are deep enough to allow your items to stand upright and not tip over which helps prevents spills. Available in five different colors with an elegant powder-coat finish, it will fit in beautifully with the rest of your decor. And because the compartments are an open-mesh design, its super easy to clean!

From hair clips, to makeup, to cotton balls, this spinning makeup organizer has got you covered!

Key Features of the Spinning Makeup Organizer Carousel

  • Lazy susan base rotates 360 degrees makes it easy to find products
  • Can store makeup products, hair accessories, and other items such as cotton balls and q-tips
  • Upright design takes up less counter space
  • 5 different colors to choose from–cream, purple, pink, silver, and black

Available in cream, purple, pink, silver, and black, everyone is sure to find one they love!

pink-buttonSpinning Makeup Organizer Carousel Silver

Spinning Makeup Organizer Carousel Black

Spinning Makeup Organizer Carousel Purple

Spinning Makeup Organizer Carousel Pink

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