Makeup Organizer with Clock White

Makeup Organizer With Clock

Makeup Organizer with Clock

We’re all guilty of it. You say, “Just five more minutes!” and an hour goes by and you’re still filling in your eyebrows.¬†Stay on time with this adorable two piece makeup organizer with a built in quartz clock!Makeup Organizer with Clock

On the front, store items such as eye liners, lip liners, mascara, and lipstick and in the back store larger items such as foundation and skincare products. The side compartments are detachable and can hold your favorite makeup brushes. The quartz clock helps keep you on time when getting ready for school, work, or a date!

Super compact, this organizer can hold a lot of makeup without taking up your countertop! It can also be mounted on the wall to save even more space!

Available in white or ivory, this makeup organizer with a clock makes the perfect gift for makeup lovers!pink-button

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